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“Michelle is one of the strongest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of [working with]. We worked directly together for 3 years, and as she progressed forward in her career, we remained close and I relied on her for institutional knowledge and customer support. She takes great pride in her work, she is independent, and will always give her 110%. Michelle operates with a human and customer centric approach first, which has allowed her to become successful within her organizations. She is extremely diligent, possess attention to detail, and is extremely well organized. She is one of the rare persons who can successfully balance the different needs of operations, sales, and customer service. Lastly, Michelle would be an added value to any company looking for a strong leader, someone who leads by example, and will always get things done. I would look forward to working with her again.” - Retail & Sales Execuitive 

“I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle twice... Her first year she exceeded all expectations by generating over $1M in sales. This opened the door for Michelle to develop and train a new department... I was able to hire Michelle again where she oversaw both client care as well as all of the retail operations. Michelle’s exceptional communication skills made the ideal team member to develop policies and procedures for the stores, scripts for the client care team and to communicate with the retail teams and vendors on a daily basis. Michelle perfectly executed the opening a retail store. One of Michelle’s greatest accomplishments was creating the retail newsletter where she had to work cross functionally to change the culture to create a seamless, consistent, engaging form of communication for the retail division. Michelle is a personable, resourceful, team player that would be an asset to any organization." - VP of Retail & Omnichannel

"Michelle constantly amazed me with her business insight and unique ways to to solving problems. She is a detail oriented, goal oriented, ambitious and a strong co-worker, her knowledge is vast and thorough. I would recommend her with any project that requires the very best in DTC Operations execution. She was always able to successfully complete any tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressure. On account of her mature approach to her responsibilities, I often thought of Michelle as a professional I could always rely upon to get the job done. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with her." - Director of Financial Planning and Analysis 

"I've had the good fortune to count Michelle as my co-worker for years. She brings consistency and heart to every endeavor and actively elevates our customers' experience of our brand, our service and our product. Her business acumen and organizational skills are matched only by her pervasive warmth and ability to inspire personal commitment from her team." - Learning & Development Manager

"Michelle did whatever was required at any time and did it well. She was very thorough and on top of it all she is amazingly funny and so fun to be around! I highly recommend Michelle!" - Runway Director 

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