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Get your Business 2021 Ready!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

If 2020 taught us only one thing, it's how to adapt to change!

Last year, many companies found themselves managing changes to their business in a reactive way, rather than following a pre-planned procedure.

Ask yourself, does my business have the top five basics to stand against the competition?

  1. Website: No, your facebook doesn't count as a website - sorry! Your company should have it's very own site that lets your customer know about you, your services/products and any other important information about your business. If your company does have a website - great! But think about when the last time you updated it was. Having a website is not one and done, it is something that should be updated often so your content is current and fresh.

  2. Social Media: You don't need to be on every single social media app, but you should have a presence where your customers are so you can engage with them. Some social platforms allow you to sell to customers directly through those channels which is an added bonus! If you aren't showing up, you are simply missing out on business opportunities.

  3. Online Appointment Scheduler: Given the times, many shoppers may not be comfortable just swinging by your business. To be sensitive to the needs of your customers, you may want to offer certain hours that are by appointment only or perhaps all by appointment only depending on the nature of your business. Be sure to also let your customers know what safety guidelines or rules have been put in place to keep you and them safe so they feel more comfortable during their visit.

  4. Virtual Appointments: There may be customers who will not feel comfortable shopping in person for some time, but you can find ways to interact and sell to them! Consider offering FaceTime or Zoom appointments so you can walk your customer through your products - like a virtual personal shopper! Complete your sale like a phone order and offer curbside pickup or the option to ship direct. If you have a local business, think about how many more customers you can reach outside of your community by equipping your site with the tools to reach a wider audience!

  5. Mailing List: Emails are a great way to build relationships with current and new customers. This is also a great tool for communicating your marketing which is particularly important with there being much lower foot traffic.

Keep in mind - Whenever you implement anything new, you always need to plan how you'll measure its success - this includes your New Year Resolutions and business goals, too!


The best method to hold yourself (and others) accountable is by using SMART goal setting.

What is a SMART goal? ⠀

To keep yourself on track, hang your goals somewhere where you will see them often or create a reminder for yourself to check-in on your progress on a regular basis. If you realize that your timeline was too ambitious, don't give up on your goal all together, just adjust your timeline! ⠀

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