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Hi, we're glad you're here...

If you're here, that means you are serious about
taking your business to the next level!


Charp Consulting delivers efficient, action-ready solutions curated to fit your unique business. Our team is experienced in helping companies of all sizes achieve their goals with effective and innovative strategies.

Charp Consulting specializes in Marketing and Promotions for small businesses. Our talented team offers a variety of services that allow clients to meaningfully engage with their audience. All services are completely customizable and specifically tailored to meet the needs of each business. 

Being a business owner comes with unique challenges. 

You can think of our consulting relationship as "small business therapy."

Tell us about your business roadblocks as well as your goals and we'll come up with the strategy to help you overcome your business obstacles and achieve your goals.

Our approach is simple. 
1. We research your market and determine your key drivers. 
2. We help you understand your target audience
and connect you with your customer. 
3. We identify new revenue streams. 


Curious to learn more about Charp Consulting?

Let's start with a complimentary, risk free, consultation!

In this hour, we'll assess your business and provide an overview of
our service offerings that would best suit your needs. 


We look forward to connecting with you!

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