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Hi, we're glad you're here...

If you're here, that means you are serious about taking your business to the next level!

At Charp Consulting, our mission is to partner with businesses that are committed to doing good and leaving a positive legacy in their wake. We believe in the transformative power of purpose-driven enterprises, and we are dedicated to amplifying their impact through strategic marketing. 

Our mission goes beyond business success; we are dedicated to building inclusive communities by actively volunteering, mentoring underserved populations and empowering families.  Founded by a mom who believes in the power of positive influence, our commitment to social responsibility extends to every aspect of our work.

Our Purpose:

We exist to empower businesses with a mission, to not only succeed but to leave a lasting legacy of positive change. We understand that behind every company, there is a unique story, a purpose that goes beyond profit margins. We are here to help you define and articulate that purpose, ensuring it becomes an integral part of your brand identity and market presence.


We are driven by a dual commitment—to empower businesses to make a positive impact and to support individuals in their journey to balance entrepreneurship with family life. We believe that a fulfilling legacy involves not only the mark a business leaves on the world, but also the positive influence it has on the lives of families and their communities. 


Our vision is to create a world where businesses not only thrive but actively participate in fostering positive change, leaving a legacy of impact and compassion.

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