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Hello? Does your brand have a voice?

One of the first questions we typically ask our clients is, what is your brand voice?

However, some of you may ask... what is a brand voice?

A brand voice is essentially the personality behind your brand - it's how your business speaks to its audience. There are many tones you can take - you can be silly or serious - or perhaps you are a little of both. However, it is important to identify your voice and stay true to it as that is how you'll attract and build a relationship with your customers.

Your brand voice is what will set you apart from other like companies - which is why it is important to have a consistent voice so your audience can connect. Once you have "found your voice" you should find that it is aligned with your brand values.

  • Influences perception (Perhaps you have a wellness brand that sells only organic products)

  • Sparks recognition (You have a recognizable slogan or catchphrase)

  • Builds trust (Your voice is authentic and matches your brand)

  • Creates connection (Perhaps your products are created with recycled products which could align with certain values of your customers - which keeps them coming back for more!)

If all of this feels overwhelming - there are actually just a few simple steps you can follow!

  1. Define your target audience

  2. Find existing brands you like

  3. Complete a few exercises (example: if your brand was a person, how might they act at a dinner party?)

Once you have identified your brand voice, it's time to create a style guide for your brand voice. We'll discuss that in another post. Until then, give your brand voice a thought! If you are a new business, this is a great opportunity to discover how you'd like to be presented. If you are an established brand, this is a great opportunity to confirm your brand voice is true to your brand or determine if it is appropriate to rebrand.

As always - feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


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